A bird introduced during the times of slavery (Madam sagá-Village weaver).

See the pic of a beautiful bird is not the same as having the opportunity to watch the bird in its natural habitat, building nets, playing and singing melodic songs. A spectacle of nature like this, do not always see every day!.

  During a visit by boat on the lake el Limón with my clients, we received a big surprise to meet a group of Madam saga-Village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) who were building their nests in the branches of the mangroves, the nests hanging from the branches resembled balls used to decorate Christmas trees.

As tireless workers were males of this species with its beautiful orange color, their black heads, necks chestnut brown, and red iris, carrying building materials to make finished their new homes, which would carry out their reproduction. This one takes place in the Dom Rep from mid April through September.

The nests of the Village weaver can host from 2 to 4 eggs, which vary in color from light green to dark bluish green with some spots. The Village weaver feeds on seeds and grains, such as rice. In our country these birds can be found from coastal areas to elevations of 600 meters above sea level.

Did you know that…

These birds were introduced to our island in the trading ships that came laden with the slaves from Africa.

Today, these birds are part of the 306 bird species recorded on the island.

As a bird lover I’d like to share this video and this pleasant experience, lived in the Limón Lake, so you can appreciate the beauty of these birds.

” The more we learn about the nature, the more we’ll appreciate it”.



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