Natural attractions in Santo Domingo City(National park ”The three eyes”).

By José Rivas.

Santo Domingo de Guzmán  is a very interesting city not only for  being the first European city  founded in the new world and have all the firsts in America, but also for its natural attractions to delight the eyes of people who visit it. A few minutes  away from the old town is the National ParkThe three eyes”.

Welcome to the National Park The Three Eyes.

By visiting this national park people get surprised to see its lush vegetation and  four small lakes that nature has left as a legacy for   visitors to enjoy it.

This is the only way in and out

The lakes are  inside a big cave ( or grotto) and its waters come from an underground river that flows into the nearest beach (Boca chica).

steps of the cave

Inside view

Inside view 2

According to some information the discovery of the cave was  in 1916, however it is also said that our first natives used it to hold some religious activities.

View of the Sulphur lake

Du you know that?…The name of this cave mentions the firsts three lakes  discovered, but some time later became aware of  a fourth lake existence.

The first lake

The first lake name is  ”The Sulphur Lake”. As its name indicates its water are sulphurous, very cool and if you approach to its waters you  can  see some small turtles swimming.

South view of the Sulphur lake.

The second lake is a very small one, its name is ”The Ladies Lake”.

Ladies Lake.

On of the characteristics of this lake is that is shallow.

Ladies Lake

The third lake is ”La Nevera”(The Refrigerator).

La Nevera Lake.

Its waters are very cold especially in winter times when its temperature can reach about 15° Celsius.

La Nevera, inside view.

In this beautiful lake there is a balsa wood moved by a man pulling wires that transports the visitors to the fourth lake.

Man pulling the wires.

Inside view from la Nevera Lake.

Inside view from the lake.

The fourth and most beautiful lake is the ”Zaramagullones”. This one is the deepest of all, the color of its waters is green and aquatic plants and rocks surround it.

Zaramagullones Lake

Small bridge.

Beautiful vegetation

Lake vegetation

Do you know that?…According to the stories told by locals, one time ago in this lake  lived a crocodile.

Look the beautiful color of the water.

Outside view.

Seen from the outside looks like a volcano crater.

Seen from the outside.

Zaramagullones lake.

Another attraction of this place is the interesting fauna, during the tours of the trail you can see some birds, some bats inside the cave or maybe your lucky enough that some iguana wants to pose for a photo.

Rhinoceros iguana.


During summer times the temperature inside the cave is warm and humid, however,  it worths to live this marvellous experience.


Remember when you visit this place, do not forget to show respect for nature.


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  1. Posted by lucy weber on enero 9, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    excelente trabajo Rivas,muy buenas informaciones y bellisimas fotografias,es la mejor forma de presentar nuestro pais,muchas felicidades!!

    Me gusta


    • Me alegra mucho que hayas visitado mi página, espero que te subscriba para que siempre recibas mis publicaciones y a la vez me sigas dejando tus comentarios y sugerencias, siempre serán importante para mi.
      Gracias mil.

      Me gusta


  2. Posted by Ardena Eiland Lewis on enero 13, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    I’ve been to many of these places many times and I never tire of their beauty. José, thanks so much for the spectacular pictures of the place I love and call my second home 😉

    Me gusta



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